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Nonton film Rectoverso (2013) terbaru

Rectoverso (2013)

DEWASAGenre: Action, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 107 MenitDilihat: 9.764 views
10 voting, rata-rata 7,0 dari 10

Malaikat Juga Tahu (Angel Knows)

Director: Marcella Zalianty; Writer: Ve Handojo

Abang is an autistic young man living with his mother, Bunda, an owner of rented rooms. One of the tenants is Leia, the only girl who understands Abang. He falls in love with her, making Bunda worried knowing that the relationship that Abang dreams of will never happen. Bunda is even more concerned when Hans, Abang’s brother, comes. Leia’s relationship with Hans will hurt Abang.

Firasat (Premonition)

Director: Rachel Maryam; Writer: Indra Herlambang

Senja joins the Premonition Club. Every week its members gather to share stories and signs. Senja joins because she always has premonitions each time someone close to her leaves, just as when her father and brother were about to die from an accident. But a more valid reason to join is Panca, the chief of the club, a very charismatic and highly intuitive person who studies premonition earnestly. Senja falls in love with him. One day she gets a premonition that someone will die.

Cicak di Dinding (Lizard on the Wall)

Director: Cathy Sharon; Writer: Ve Handojo

One night Taja, a young and innocent painter, meets Saras, a liberated, learned and seasoned woman. Saras gives him an unforgettable night. Incidentally they meet for the second time. This time they try being friends although finally Taja can’t help himself from falling in love. In his exhibition Taja meets her again. She is introduced to him by Irwan, Taja’s close friend and sponsor who raises him, as his future wife.

Curhat Buat Sahabat (Stories for My Bestfriend)

Director: Olga Lydia; Writer: Ilya Sigma and Priesnanda Dwi Satria

Despite their differenct characters, Amanda who’s cheerful and sociable is able to befriend the calm and patient Reggie who’s always at the ready to listen to Amanda’s stories. Whenever Amanda needs him, Reggie is always there. One day she falls sick. She realises that no one can help her including her boyfriend. Only Reggie can. And Reggie’s help makes her realise that what she needs is someone who cares for her and that that kind of person is Reggie. Meanwhile Reggie quietly feels that this love has grown too old for him.

Hanya Isyarat (It’s Only A Sign)

Director: Happy Salma; Writer: Key Mangunsong

Five backpackers meet through a mailing list. Within few days Tano, Dali, Bayu and Raga quickly hit it off like old friends, unlike Al who is aloof and keeps her distance. In secret Al falls in love with Raga, the one that for those several days has become her source of admiration from afar. One night they all play a game in which each has to tell the saddest story ever experienced. When Raga tells his, Al is even more broken-hearted. Although Al becomes the winner, she gets drawn ever more to Raga’s charm, the man that she can never have for the secret in him.