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Nonton film Pasukan Garuda: I Leave My Heart In Lebanon (2016) terbaru

Pasukan Garuda: I Leave My Heart In Lebanon (2016)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Action, Drama, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 93 MenitDilihat: 36.264 views
3 voting, rata-rata 9,0 dari 10

Garuda Contingent members, Captain Satria (Rio Dewanto), Lieutenant Arga (Yama Carlos), and Sergeant Gulamo (Boris Bokir), assigned to Lebanon as peacekeepers. Satria, among others, must arbitrate a dispute between Israeli soldiers and the Lebanese army, and manage to free the Spanish army from Hezbollah troops. During the mission in Lebanon, the Garuda Contingent also provide social assistance to local residents. Captain Satria meets with Rania (Jowy Khoury), a primary school teacher, during a visit to schools in order to provide health check-up and information. While in Indonesia, Diah (Revalina S Temat), Satria’s girlfriend, getting giddy, since appears Andri (Baim Wong), the young British graduates who is successful in the property business. Andri loves Diah and he is supported by her mother (Tri Yudiman). Diah’s father (Dedy Mizwar), on the contrary, asks Diah to wait Satria. Satria does not possibly marry Rania and remained there, except he quits the TNI. Rania is impossible to leave Lebanon. When Satria returns to Indonesia to meet Diah, she is implementing a marriage with Andri.

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