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Nonton film Merdeka 17805 (2001) terbaru

Merdeka 17805 (2001)

Genre: Action, Drama, War
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 122 MenitDilihat: 9.593 views

The film is set in the era of World War II, where after Japan suffered defeat, a group of Japanese Imperial Army in Java, Indonesia decided to fight in the War of Independence of Indonesia. The story of this film shows the other side of the Japanese occupation period in Indonesia which is much forgotten by the younger generation, namely the role of the Japanese volunteer in the War of Independence Indonesia. To complete the fierce scenes of war and firefight and stage equipment in accordance with the situation of World War II, the film was made with the full cooperation of the Army. [1] [2] “17805” in the title of this film itself is taken from the numbers, months, and last two digits of “August 17, 2605”. This date is the Japanese Empire Dating version from the date of the Gregorian Calendar of 17 August 1945. This date is also used in the official text of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence by Sukarno and Hatta, which is “Day 17 of Boelan 8 Tahoen 05”.

Tagline:Murudeka 17805
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