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Nonton film Kabayan Jadi Milyuner (2010) terbaru

Kabayan Jadi Milyuner (2010)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 107 MenitDilihat: 2.248 views
2 voting, rata-rata 5,5 dari 10

Ustadz Soleh’s Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) As-Salam, is the target of a land grab by real estate entrepreneur, Rocky, who wants to build a resort. But Ustadz Soleh’s clever young assistant, Kabayan, and his best friend, Armasan, can’t be persuaded or bribed by Rocky. But when Kabayan falls for Rocky’s accountant, Iteung, he orders her to become a spy, and to seduce Kabayan into signing the land purchase agreement. To get the support of Iteung’s parents, he promises to establish a mosque on the land. As Kabayan believes that Iteung is an angel that God has sent down for him, he signs the land agreement. After that, Iteung disappears. In desperation, he goes to Jakarta, with Armasan, to get back both the Pesantren and Iteung. In the city, Abah and Ambu, Iteung’s parents, have already approved Rocky’s proposal to marry Iteung. But after hearing Kabayan’s story, Abah promises to cancel the wedding, and tells Rocky to cancel the land purchase. However, the condition is that Kabayan must repay 1 billion Rupiahs in a week. This becomes the new headache for the two friends.

Tagline:The Legend is Back
Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia